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Hello Janet. This page contains links to all of the possible photographic additions to the book. Previously sent links include manta1, manta2, and manta3 as possible additions or replacements for the Chapter 13 photo depicting the Flower Gardens. A recent toadfish photo was also sent to Tris as a possible addition or replacement for the Chaptar 13 photo of the Florida Panhandle (Emerald Coast).  I also sent a link to a wide angle photo of an oil rig as a possible compliment or replacement for the photo depicting Louisiana oil rigs.

Recently sent links to you include the frogfish, parrotfish, and hermit crab for Chapter 9. I also think it might be appropriate to include a series of photos depicting "cleaner" creatures as described in the text on cleaning stations. I already sent the link to the spotted cleaner shrimp. Other commonly seen cleaners include the pedersen cleaner shrimp and the banded coral shrimp. Several types of gobies also act as cleaners, including the sharknose goby.

Chapter 9 includes a section on hazardous marine animals. A photo of fire coral has already been sent to you. I was recently able to get a detail of the hair-like filaments on fire coral that contain the stinging nematocysts. A photo of a stingray buried in sand as described in the text might also be an addition to the hazardous marine animal section of Chapter 9. Another possible addition to the hazardous marine animal section of Chapter 9 could be this photo of a sharptail eel. Sharptail eels are harmless, but misinformed divers sometimes mistake them for sea snakes. This photo could be included in the section on moray eels.

A recent photo of an underwater photographer might be a good addition to the photo previously sent for Chapter 1.

Of course, should you decide to use any of these photos, a large .tif file similar to the ones already provided will be sent to you.



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