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The Certified Diver's Handbook Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Switching Attitude Gears
                        Diving as a Lifestyle
                        Pursuing Your Own Interests
                        A Realistic Assessment of Risk
                        A Realistic Assessment of Cost

Chapter 2:  Equipment
                        Masks, Fins, and Snorkels
                        Dive Knife
                        Buoyancy Compensators
                        Depth Gauges
                        Dive Computers
                        Exposure Suits
                        Weights and Weight Belts
                        Dive Bags

Chapter 3:  Gear Maintenance
                        Submersible Pressure Gauge
                        Buoyancy Compensator

Chapter 4:  Gadgets That Work, And Good Ideas
                     Hose and Gauge Retainers
                        Clip Systems
                        Dive Lights
                        Dive Slates
                        Plastic Ties
                        Clip-On Weights
                        Spare Air
                        Moldable Mouthpieces
                        Safety Sausages
                        Dry Boxes
                        Dry Bags
                        Medical Dive Insurance
                        Dive Equipment Insurance

Chapter 5:  How To Buy Equipment
                     Buying New Gear
                        Buying Used Gear
                        Personalizing Your Gear    

Chapter 6:  Kindred Spirits And First Trips
                         Finding Dive Buddies
                         Where To Go

Chapter 7:  An Introduction To Mother Ocean: Water Weight And Density
                         The Characteristics of Ocean Water
                         How Water Density Affects Light
                         How Water Density Affects Sound

Chapter 8:  The Weather:  Wind and Waves, Storms, and Currents
                         Wind and Waves

Chapter 9:  The Marine Environment
                         Organization of the Ocean
                         The Four Life Forms
                         Anatomy of a Coral Reef
                         Spooky and Potentially Hazardous Marine Animals

Chapter 10: Going Diving
                       Diving from Charter Boats
                           Diving from Privately Owned Boats
                           Diving from Shore
                           Drift Diving
                           Night Diving

Chapter 11: Staying Out of Trouble
                       Underwater Navigation
                           Buddy Problems

Chapter 12: When A Good Thing Goes Bad: Basic Rescue Procedures And Diver Problems
                       Rational-Patient Surface Assist
                           Passive-Patient and Panicky-Patient Surface Assist
                           Unconscious-Patient Surface Rescue
                           Unconscious-Patient on the Bottom
                           Decompression Sickness
                           Lung Overpressure Injuries
                           Some Problems of Breathing under Pressure

Chapter 13: Diving In The United States
                       Road Trip
                           The Gulf Coast
                           The East Coast
                           The Great Lakes
                           The West Coast
                            Inland USA: A Place Near You

Chapter 14: International Dive Travel
                           Getting There
                           Where to Go

Appendix: Underwater Photography