Clay Coleman is a photojournalist/musician based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Clay's work has appeared in several national and regional magazines, including Sport Diver, Rodale's Scuba Diving, Boating Life, Boating World, Boating Magazine, Hawaiian Skin Diver Magazine, and The Louisiana Conservationist as well as Oceans Canada, The Tennessee Aquarium at Chattanooga, and the South Carolina Department of Tourism's annual SC Smiles magazine. Clay's book, The Certified Diver's Handbook, has been released from International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press--a McGraw-Hill company. A selection of Clay's work also appears in the first issue of Dr. Walter Starck's revolutionary CD Rom magazine, Golden Dolphin, the ReefNet Fishes of the Caribbean fish guide, and Brandon Cole's tour de force, Reef Life. In addition to these published works by Clay, some of Clay's exploits have recently been chronicled in the book on Louisiana oil rig spear fishing, The Helldiver's Rodeo , by Humberto Fontova.

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